Small Businesses

In small businesses, where the efficiency of few staff is crucial to profitability, then the chore of internal payroll management can often eat into resources that would be better employed in core activities.

Do-it-yourself means:

  • Recruiting and maintaining a qualified employee
  • Investing in software and its maintenance
  • Ongoing training to stay ahead of changes in legislation
  • Your accountant may take on these responsibilities, but at a premium, because it is not their core business either. The benefits of outsourcing payroll services management therefore become even more attractive.

    Prism Payroll Services can manage:

  • All data entry
  • Production of payslips, management reports, P45 and P46 forms
  • The handling of enquiries in respect of the HMRC, DSS, auditors or employees
  • All administration, payslips, postage and delivery fees
  • We can rescue small business directors and managers from wasted time, variable administration costs and potential legal risks. And we do so at economical rates which are standardised, transparent and predictable.