Who are we?

Prism Payroll Services is targeted at saving time and money for small and medium sized businesses. Running your own payroll uses resources, generates variable on-costs, and brings significant additional responsibilities to you in respect of your staff and your enterprise.

What will outsourcing fix?

Your costs include, recruiting and maintaining a qualified employee, software investment, licensing and maintenance, stationery purchases and ongoing training. You need to ensure you pay your staff correctly and on time, dealing with queries in a timely and appropriate manner, whilst at the same time ensuring that your company complies at all times with changing payroll legislation.

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Prism Payroll Services offers you the opportunity to eliminate unproductive time, get rid of variable and excessive administration costs and avoid potential legal risks. We have made the investments, we will maintain the reliability; whilst you can focus on your core business, knowing that your payroll administration costs are fair and predictable and that your payroll responsibilities are being taken care of by experts. Contact us today!

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Accountancy Practices

Prism Payroll Services offers a discreet and reliable service to Accountancy Practices who are engaged in processing multiple payrolls. We can operate as a silent partner, using your company logo on communications if you wish, at no extra cost. We also guarantee not to approach your customers directly, unless instructed by you to do so.


Many company directors opt to maximise tax benefits by accepting a salary at the Earnings Threshold, which they then supplement with dividend payments. Prism Payroll Services offers to manage these arrangements in the most cost effective way.

Small Businesses

In small businesses, where the efficiency of few staff is crucial to profitability, then the chore of internal payroll management can often eat into resources that would be better employed in core activities. Your accountant may take on these responsibilities, but at a premium, because it is not their core business either.

Temporary Cover

There are occasions where your normal payroll services and payslip administration are unavoidably disrupted, because of, e.g. Illness, Maternity Leave, Holidays, Payroll Administrator position becoming vacant. Prism Payroll Services can offer emergency cover for such eventualities and keep your operation running smoothly until you are able to resume normal service.

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